In-Home Care Services

Highly-Skilled In-Home Care is at your service!

All-Staff Nursing is the healthcare staffing division of Cooperative Home Care, Inc. If you are a healthcare organization that needs healthcare staffing, All-Staff Nursing will help you. If you need home care, Cooperative Home Care will help you. We are one company that provides these distinct, but related services.

In addition to healthcare staffing services, our Fairview Heights, IL office also offers home care services. There are two main types of in-home care, and we provide them both. This makes All-Staff Nursing and Cooperative Home Care unique because we are one company that can meet all of your home care needs. We save you money because we qualify you for every type of home care service before you pay out-of-pocket.

The two main types of home care services are Medicare-funded home health care services, and Private Services.

Medicare-funded Home Health Care is skilled care that is prescribed by a physician and provided by licensed nurses and therapists. It is short-term care that generally happens after one has been discharged home from the hospital or has declined in health. You must be unable to leave your home to qualify for this type of in-home care. These services are funded by Medicare or other health insurances. Our company is licensed as a Home Health Agency by the Illinois Department of Public Health (“IDPH”) to provide home health care.

Private Services are non-skilled services that are provided by caregivers. Unlike skilled nursing and therapies that address medical needs, non-skilled services include help with basic daily activities such as getting dressed, showering, moving safely within your home, meal preparation and supervision for safety when one is confused and/or unable to remember things. Private Services can be designed exactly to meet one’s healthcare needs, whether they need occasional help or 24/7 assistance. These services are funded through long-term care insurance, workers compensation, or self-pay. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (the “VA”) also funds Private Services specifically for veterans. Our company is licensed as a Home Services and Home Nursing Agency by the Illinois Department of Public Health (“IDPH”) to provide Private Services.

The most important consideration when you are choosing your home care company is, do they provide both Home Health Care and Private Services? It is important to have one company that meets all of your needs now, and if they change. One can receive both skilled and private home care at the same time, or separately. If your company does not provide both, then at some point you may have to work with two different companies, coordinating care.

Another important question is if your home care company is licensed. We are licensed by Missouri and Illinois.

You can read more about the different types of home care, and the importance of choosing a company that provides both, on our Choose Your Home Care Checklist.